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Fit & Comfort

Dear buyer,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the world's only patented convertible high heel shoe. Hand crafted in Italy, the shoe will take you from day to night... Please allow us to advise you a bit in regards to how our shoes fit based on the shape of your foot. Our Italian leathers are very suptle and will fit like a glove but be sure you follow the following suggestions.

SIZING: All shoes with back strap please size up 1/2 size. If you are normally a 7 purchase a 7.5

In any shoe that has elastic around the upper please size down a 1/2 size. If you are a 7 purchase a 6.5 All other styles are true to size.


1) Narrow heel: If you have a narrow heel we strongly suggest you purchase a style with a back strap. Don't forget to size up 1/2 of a size. If you are normally a size 7 purchase a 7.5

2) Regular fit follow size suggestions above.

3) Wider feet: Gulia, Emilia, Marta, Ilaria, and Betina are the best styles for you. Don't forget to follow the fit suggestions on size. Any shoe with the elastic around the upper is the style for you.